PISTON CROWNS reconditioning

Crowns often exhibit wear, particularly within the piston ring grooves which inevitably leads to over sizing and often scrapping. Veeanco have developed a proven method to recondition used crowns back to standard at a fraction of the cost of new!

On receipt at our works, all crowns are thoroughly cleaned, degreased and identified with a unique reference number to ensure traceability.

A full inspection report is produced, including photos and sent to the customer for approval with recommendations for repair .

The Crown is then machined to remove all existing chrome and prepared for hard chrome plating of the grooves.

Hard chrome plating of all oversize grooves is then completed.

This is followed by precision re-machining of the grooves and all critical areas to original limits and tolerances, carried out in our own state-of-the-art workshops.

The Crown is then cleaned and complete.

Technical Data Sheet: Download our PDF on Piston Crowns Reconditioning

All work carried out on piston crowns is approved by class. approval logos

piston crown