EXHAUST VALVE CAGE reconditioning

Veeanco provides the complete reconditioning service for Valve Cages.  We believe that there is no short cut to producing a first class reconditioned product.  We have established the correct welding parameters, pre- and post- heat treatment thereby removing the likelihood of cracking through the use of incorrect materials and procedures. Veeanco's repair procedures are strictly controlled to ensure a quality repair every time.

The seat and landing end of the water cooled cage is removed - often revealing complete blockage or erosion of the coolant passageways.

We manufacture, at our facility, a new seat, the seat is then stellited on the valve seating face to ensure hardness. The water resistant passageways are cleared and the seat is then welded onto the body.

Material analysis is taken to ensure the correct matching material is used for the new seat.

Finish machining is attended to with equal care.  Attention to detail is essential - in particular the stellited valve seating and valve cage landing faces leave no margin for error .

The same meticulous attention to detail is applied to the reconditioning of upper and lower components of both cooled and un-cooled two piece valve cages.

Before the exhaust valve cage is complete, we machine the guide bore and fit new valve guides in house.

The exhaust valve Cage is then complete, painted, boxed & despatched.

Technical Data Sheet: Download our PDF on Exhaust Valve Reconditioning

All work carried out on exhaust valve cages is approved by class.

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