CYLINDER COVER reconditioning

The cost of replacing damaged and defective components such as cylinder covers can be prohibitive, whilst some are virtually irreplaceable.

Repairing these components by Veeanco offers a sound and lasting repair at a fraction of the new replacement cost.

On receipt at our works, all components are thoroughly cleaned, degreased and identified with a unique reference number to ensure traceability.

A full inspection report is produced, including photographs and sent to the customer for approval including recommendations for repair and spares required.

Once approved, the cover is machined ready for welding.

Defective and worn areas are rebuilt with close grained machineable cast iron, fused perfectly with the parent material. Strictly controlled pre- and post-heat treatment procedures are individually recorded.

This is followed by precision re-machining of all critical areas to original limits and tolerances, and fitting of new seats, guides and all spares required, carried out in our own state-of-the-art workshops.

vp20 logoVeeanco Procedure 20 is the only full
engineering procedure approved by Lloyds


Technical Data Sheet: Download our PDF on Cylinder Cover Reconditioning

cylinder cover
cylinder cover